Welcome screens and keybindings

Fri, December 18, 2020
All builds updated

We updated all the builds this morning with two changes, one visible, one invisible — both interesting. First, I’ll describe them. Then, I’ll say why they are interesting.

Why are these things interesting? Each is a step toward our long-term goal of having CodeSpells be highly re-programmable. That means removing functionality from the CodeSpells compile time and moving it into the CodeSpells runtime.

This has several abstract benefits. Namely, Anything you can do at runtime with Unreal.js, you can:

To put it concretely, this week, we’ve figured out how to detect and handle keypresses with Unreal.js (the invisible change) and we’ve figured out how to open up new in-game UI with Unreal.js (the visible change).

These newfound abilities will undoubtedly find themselves coming to a Rune Collection near you in the near future. Expect to see Runes that allow you to detect keypresses. And expect to see Runes that allow you pop open new user interfaces.

I’m excited about the synergy we’re getting from Unreal.js. Any time we write features with Unreal.js, we immediately expand the options for modders and spell-writers. It fits nicely with our commitment to grow the CodeSpells community. We want as much of our code to be open source and easily editable as possible.

Exercises for the reader. In codespells,

- Stephen R. Foster

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