Voxels and Runes!

Thu, August 13, 2020
All CodeSpells Authored Works can have voxels and novel programming languages; the CodeSpells Authoring Tools make this easy.

I've written a lot of long posts recently. Let's do a short one. These three quick videos show the main character in CodeSpells: The Seeker traversing the voxel world and deforming it with spells:

Just a standin' and a jumpin'
Just a castin' and a runnin'
Just a rollin' and a rollin'

Things to note:

Here's the source code for the spell shown in the videos.

Stay tuned for details about this "rune-based programming paradigm" and how the CodeSpells Authoring Tools will help authors add such languages to their own CodeSpells Authored Works, creating a polyglottic multiverse within the CodeSpells Canon.

- Stephen R. Foster

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