Running Unreal Editor In the Cloud

Thu, October 8, 2020
It's working for me, at least.

This tutorial from several years ago shows how to set up Unreal Editor in the cloud on Amazon EC2. However, I found that it was a bit out of date. And I hit some rough patches.

At first, I spun up a typical EC2 instance in Amazon's G-class -- g3s.xlarge to be specific. The tutorial suggested an instance type that isn't available today. So I got the closest thing instead.

I was able to get remote desktop access just fine. And began downloading Unreal via the Epic Launcher.

But when I started to run Unreal, I got an error about it needing DirectX. After doing some digging, I decided that this was because although the machine has NVIDIA cards, it doesn't have the drivers installed. I tried installing them myself, but couldn't seem to get it to work.

So I switched the machine image I was using to this one, which has the NVIDIA drivers installed already.

Everything looked good:

And it worked! I was able to run the Unreal Editor remotely.

I went through my own CodeSpells installation process (codespells), which allowed me to set up a new CodeSpells mod project.

And I was able to create new assets in Unreal.

It built smoothly (always a relief to know that your code works on a different machine).

And I was able to place my new content in CodeSpells.

I was even able to put a fancy particle effect from an FX pack that I purchased on the Unreal Marketplace..

There's still more to iron out, but I'm happy that I can develop in the cloud now. My computer was running out of space fast!

- Stephen R. Foster

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