Post-Thanksgiving updates

Tue, December 8, 2020
Three new tech demo worlds. One new collection! Oh, and some bug fixes.

During Thanksgiving week, I was off — but Lindsey worked solo and was able to release three new tech demo CodeSpells Authored Works and one Rune Collection.

This is a BIG moment because it means that the underlying CodeSpells tools and infrastructure are solid enough that SomeoneOtherThanMeâ„¢ can be just as productive as I am.

Lindsey released just as many tech demo CodeSpells Authored Works and collections as I had the week before Thanksgiving.

Here are her releases:


Rune Collections

The Village of Acostia was designed by Tomh the Enchanter. This playful little village is often used as a setting in beginning spellcrafting courses at the Low Stacks Academy.

In its current form, we estimate this build to be worth about 3 minutes of fun. Try skipping rocks on the nearby pond!

Polar Facility

Rune Collections

A cold, forbidding place: it is not known which wizard crafted this world, but clearly the work is from the First Epoch because the facility is tightly bounded.

In its current form, we estimate this build to be worth about 2 minutes of fun. Enjoy the reflections of fire and ice magic on the metallic walls.


Rune Collections

Built in the First Epoch, the Temple of Ji is a traditionally used by wizards meditating on rune crafting. Many new runes have been conceptualized in this space.

In its current form, we estimate this build to be worth about 2 minutes of fun. Try filling the temple with spawners!

Since I’ve been back, we’ve been working on the non-glamorous-but-still-very-important job of improving our dev ops.

We’ve actually pushed out a few minor bug fixes to all seven CodeSpells Authored Works You’ll notice that the button has been improved across all seven tech demo CodeSpells Authored Works. And you’ll notice that the blue text that was spamming out in the top left corner of all our tech demo CodeSpells Authored Works has also been removed.

What does dev ops have to do with this? Well, we already have seven CodeSpells Authored Works (and we plan to have many many more). So if every small change required us to manually patch each CodeSpells Authored Work, then our productivity would slow down more and more over time.

But because we spent a week working on dev ops, we’ve automated much of this deployment pipeline. So we can patch things and press a button. Then we can go work on something else while all the CodeSpells Authored Works get automatically rebuilt and all the downloads on Builds Page get automatically patched.

Our upcoming project is to make a reasonable CodeSpells trailer video and to redo our homepage. A lot of people coming to our site probably don’t even know we have builds available.

Perhaps most excitingly… Making the trailer video will require us to do what we enjoy most: add more Runes so there are more spells craftable in-game.

- Stephen R. Foster

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