Particle Machines???

Tue, September 8, 2020
Toward an API for building spell-machines.

Ultimately, I'd like spells to be able to move, affect the world, react to the world, cast additional spells, integrate with Unreal's physics system, and -- of course -- have a simple DSL that can easily be Runified.

Here's a video I posted on our CodeSpells YouTube Channel before Labor Day Weekend, demonstrating some simple machine-like things (basically just a particle system that rotates).

Today, I did more work on the API for creating these machine-like structures with spells. Tomorrow, I'll post a demo of the code. Even though the API (or maybe I should say, DSL) is a work in progress, those of you who have programmed in Unreal or Unity will immediately see my goal: to abstract away all of the setting of locations, rotations, parent/child relationships, etc.. Wizards who don't wish to worry about these things shouldn't have to.

- Stephen R. Foster

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