New Runes + New Spells

Tue, September 1, 2020
Some Runic puzzles for you!

I added a few Runes today and wrote some spells with them. I'll present them as puzzles. Can you figure out what they do? I'll post videos in my next post!


If you really do want to try to solve the puzzles, try tracking down the source code for this blog Find this page, and look at the text versions of the spells below. This alone will yield insight. If you want even more insight, track down where the Runes are given meaning in codespells-server.

Going somewhere?

Going up?

Build me up buttercup

BUILD me up buttercup

A statue perhaps?

CodeSpells is a multiverse

You dig me?

This is a ___; the labyrinth's full of 'em

- Stephen R. Foster

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