Crazy week!

Thu, November 19, 2020
We released 2 new worlds a new rune collection!

Lindsey and I have been hard at work creating tech demos for our Builds Page. We released two new Tech Demo CodeSpells Authored Works and a new Rune Collection. And we added Runes from our 5 existing Rune Collections to our existing CodeSpells Authored Works.

We even managed to produce our first patron-only CodeSpells Authored Work — which I’m super-excited about, because we’ve been wanting to say a big thank you to everyone supporting us on Patreon.

Here’s this week’s output, which you can also find on our Builds Page.

Log Cabin

Rune Collections

The Log Cabin of Wishfern was built by the sons of Shea the Enchantress to memorialize their mother’s work. This small world was built in the First Epoch when wizards were just beginning to learn how to build small, self-contained universes.

In its current form, we estimate this build to be worth about 1 minute of fun. Try filling the cabin with stuff.

The Forest Fragment

Rune Collections

This tiny universe was created near the end of the First Epoch by an unknown wizard. Since its re-discovery, it has been considered a work of art of the early days of magic.

In its current form, we estimate this build to be worth about 2 minutes of fun. Try lighting the river on fire!

- Stephen R. Foster

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