CodeSpells Season 1. Nomic Update

Fri, March 5, 2021
Lindsey seems to be winning

It’s hard to predict who will win a game that is being developed while we’re playing it, but if we had to guess, Lindsey seems to have a slight edge.

Lindsey has chosen to adopt a creature-focused strategy, whereas Stephen’s strategy is more focused on control.

Lindsey summoned a Sevarog and began advancing it toward Stephen’s nexus. Stephen’s attempt to land a Parasite on Lindsey’s Sevarog was successful — but Lindsey managed to remove it with a Disenchant Spell.

The current state of the game:

Lindsey has more potential to do damage, but Stephen seems to have a structural advantage.

In other news, we’ve been working on a Twitch bot, which lets you both add songs to a playlist that plays during our stream, and more importantly, lets you affect the state of the 3D world simply by typing commands in the Twitch chat.

We’ll be using this to give Twitch viewers more ways of interacting with our design stream over the coming weeks!

A big thanks to everyone who has been showing up day after day to help us with this project!

- Stephen R. Foster

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