Coding is a Magic Power -- Let's Train Young Wizards

How can CodeSpells be used in education?

CodeSpells had its beginnings as a computer science (CS) education research project at UC San Diego. The PhD students building CodeSpells wanted to instill a core idea in students: that being able to code was like having magical powers. Through their educational research studies, several academic papers were published about CodeSpells, and the game was featured as an innovative tool for CS education in:

The academic prototype of CodeSpells that was featured world-wide in 2013 was a minimum viable product to test on students. Since then, the game has received a complete development makeover thanks to a successful 2015 Kickstarter campaign.

What does it cost to use CodeSpells in a classroom?

We give CodeSpells for FREE to not-for-profit educators! All we ask for in return from educators is to let your students know that the game is available for purchase on Steam at home! To get started, send us an e-mail at with your school information and a request for a certain number of access keys. Make sure you send the e-mail from an e-mail address on your school’s domain name for verification purposes.

Currently CodeSpells is only available on the Steam video game platform, so be ready to install Steam on your school's computers and to create Steam accounts.

If you're a for-profit educator, e-mail us to ask about bulk discounts.

Why do you offer CodeSpells for free to educators?

Multi-Dimensional Games is a Unit of the EdTech startup, ThoughtSTEM, which focuses on teaching computer science to K-12 students. At our core, we’re educators too, and we understand that there’s a CS education problem in this country:

U.S. Computer Science Statistics U.S. Computer Science Statistics

Given the huge deficit in coders today, our team wants to inspire as many students to become coders in the future as possible. We think CodeSpells can help!

What CodeSpells resources are available to educators?

Current resources include:

Currently, we’re searching for educators who want to lead the development of more CodeSpells educator resources and curriculum! If you’re interested in taking a lead role as an educator, send us an e-mail at